UNT, Florida Blue Key, UIL and Prosper Results

UNT Oct 30-31
Hafsa Zuberi 3rd Place
Sowmiya Baskar 4th Place
Chris Dao 5th Place
Hira Asim Finalist
William Ahner Finalist
Rhea Gogia Finalist
Hafsa Zuberi and Sowmiya Baskar both qualified to TFA State in Congressional Debate!

Novice Public Forum Debate
Ankith Kurapati and Camille Bower 1st Place Champions
Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Jonathan Chiang Semifinalist, Samir Mohsin Quarterfinalist
Original Oratory
Paakhi Srivastava 4th Place
Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
William Ahner Finalist
Usman Alam 3rd Place
Poetry and Prose
Ellie Maclean 6th Place in both Poetry and Prose Interpretation
Suyash Jain Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Hafsa Zuberi Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Livia George Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Florida Blue Key Oct 28-November 1
Alex Federick and Jackie Prokopeas were invited to and competed in the nationally recognized Round Robin for Public Forum Debate as one of only 12 teams invited from across the nation.

Sahaj Singh, Sunny Daggubati and Mafaaz Tanzeem each broke to the Semifinals in Congressional Debate and received their 1st of 2 necessary bids to the exclusive Tournament of Champions in Kentucky next Spring.

Alex Federick and Jackie Prokopeas broke to the Double-Octofinals in Public Forum Debate, while Sam Bonham and Austin Meek advanced to the Octofinals in PFD.

UIL Congressional Debate District November 4
Emma Lin 1st Place District Champion advanced to State in January.
Dru Patel 5th Place overall and alternate to State in January.

Prosper HS Nov 6-7
Anya & Sara Reddy CX Debate Semifinalists and Qualified to TFA State in Cross-Examination Debate!
Sydney Rose and James Stewart Quarterfinalists in CX Debate
Samir Mohsin Quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Chris Dao 8th Place in Congress Debate
Hira Asim 9th Place in Congress Debate
Alex Federick 4th Place in Domestic Extemporaneous
Dru Patel Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous
Usman Alam Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
Ankith Kurapati Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
Aman Patel Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
Suyash Jain Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
Paakhi Srivastava 6th Place in Orginal Oratory and Semifinalist in Prose Interpretation
Claire Samuel Semifinalist in Prose Interpretation

Congratulations, Dragons!

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