Princeton and Grapevine Results

Dragons earned TOC bids at Grapevine and 2nd Place Sweeps at Princeton HS! Total team effort with split squad! Several on the verge of TFA State qualification!!


Princeton HS

Sydney Rose & Adhi Subramanian placed 1st closing out the tournament with Sara & Anya Reddy placing 2nd.
Cara Connelly (Tournament’s TOP SPEAKER) & Camille Bower advanced to the Quarterfinals
Savit Dhawan & Suyash Jain advanced to the Quarterfinals

Katie Newman Quarterfinals

Priyanka Reddy 1st Place
Hira Asim 3rd Place
Hafsa Zuberi 5th Place
Usman Alam 6th Place
Adam Aamer 8th Place
Chris Chedid 10th Place

Extemporaneous Speaking
Priyanka Reddy 1st Place FX
Anika Shah 4th Place FX
Adam Aamer 5th Place FX
Cameron Waltz 6th Place FX
Adhi Subramanian Semifinalist FX
Usman Alam Semifinalist FX

Azili Omar 7th Place DX
Ivanna Coty Semifinalist DX

Grapevine HS

Sam Bonham & Austin Meek Quarterfinals (earning a bid to the Tournament of Champions/1 of 2 necessary)
Jackie Prokopeas & Alex Federick Double-Octofinals
Alanna Miller & Reagan Larimer Double-Octofinals

Emma Lin 4th Place (earning a bid to the TOC, but Emma is automatically qualified based on last season)

Extemporaneous Speaking
Sunny Daggubati 3rd Place Domestic Extemporaneous