Hockaday Results

Hockaday Results (November 13-14)

  • Thomas Hobohm and Aman Patel: Quaterfinalists in CX Debate
  • Llyod Gumireddy: Octofinalist in LD Debate, and Lloyd was 4th Place Speaker overall
  • Rishik Pupalla: Octofinalist in Novice LD Debate
  • Samir Mohsin: Quaterfinalist in Novice LD Debate
  • Dru Patel: 3rd Place Domestic Extemporaneous
  • Alex Federick: Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous
  • William Ahner: Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous
  • Mafaaz Tanzeem: 6th Place Foreign Extemporaneous
  • Adhi Subramanian: Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
  • Priyanka Reddy: Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
  • Sunny Daggubati: Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
  • Sunny Daggubati: 3rd Place Congressional Debate
  • Priyanka Reddy: Finalist in Congress Debate, and Priyanka qualified to TFA State in Congress
  • Dru Patel: Finalist in Congress Debate
  • Sahaj Singh: Semifinalist in Congress Debate
  • Evelyn Wang: Semifinalist in Poetry Interpretation
  • Paakhi Srivastava: Semifinalist in Original Oratory

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