Grapevine Classic

DATES: 9/8-9/9

Another strong weekend!!

Public Forum

Anya Reddy and Sara Reddy made it to semifinals with 3rd place finish overall and full bid.
Savit Dhawan and Suyash Jain made it to quarter finals with 6th place finish and full bid.
Anika Shah and Reagan Larimer octofinals, silver bid
Celeste de Valle and Ankith Kurapati double octofinals

Lincoln Douglas

Gautam Iyer and Samir Mohsin made it to double octofinals


Sahaj Singh second place overall with full bid
Cameron Waltz fourth place overall with full bid
Myron Mageswaran made it to semifinals

International Extemporaneous

Cameron Waltz sixth place in finals with full bid
Sahaj Singh made it to semifinals