Capitol Congress, UT Austin, Creekview and Berkner Results


Dragon Speech & Debate participated in four tournaments in December!

Capitol Congressional Debate Tournament December 3rd
Sahaj Singh 3rd Place
Mafaaz Tanzeem 6th Place
Emma Lin Finalist
Sunny Daggubati Finalist
Priyanka Reddy Finalist
Dru Patel Finalist
*We were the only school to clear their entire team of 6 allowed entries to the final Super Congress Chamber!*

UT Austin Tournament December 4-5th
Dru Patel Semifinalist in Extemporaneous
Emma Lin 5th Place in Congress
Sahaj Singh 9th Place in Congress
Mafaaz Tanzeem 10th Place in Congress
Sunny Daggubati 11th Place in Congress
Chris Dao Semifinalist in Congress
Austin Meek Double-Octofinalist in PF
Sam Bonham Double-Octofinalist in PF
Jackie Prokopeas Quarterfinal in PF
Alex Federick Quarterfinals in PF *Alex was the 2nd overall speaker among over 200 students in PF!*

Creekview HS December 5th
Samir Mohsin Quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas
Hannah Xu Octofinalist in Lincoln-Douglas
Hafsa Zuberi Finalist in Congress
Hira Asim Finalist in Congress
Thomas Hobohm Quarterfinalist in CX
Aman Patel Quarterfinalist in CX
Ivanna Coty Octofinalist in PF
Anika Shah Octofinalist in PF
Savit Dhawan Octofinalist in PF
Drake Little Octofinalist in PF
Sandhya Shankar Semifinalist in Oratory
Hafsa Zuberi Semifinals in Extemporaneous
Suyash Jain Semifinals in Extemporaneous

Berkner HS December 11-12
Alex Federick 1st Place in Extemporaneous
Dru Patel 7th Place in Extemporaneous
Jonathan Chiang Octofinalist in Lincoln-Douglas *Jonathan was the Top Speaker overall in LD!*
Katie Newman Semifinalist in Novice LD
William Ahner 11th Place in Congress
Anika Shah Quarterfinalist in PF
Ivanna Coty Quarterfinalist in PF
Alanna Miller Quarterfinalist in PF
Reagan Larimer Quarterfinalist in PF
Savit Dhawan Octofinalist in PF *Savit was the Top Speaker overall in PF!*
Drake Little Octofinalist in PF
Anya Reddy Octofinalist in PF
Sara Reddy Octofinalist in PF
Paakhi Srivastava Semifinals in Oratory
Claire Samuel Semifinals in Poetry
Ivanna Coty 2nd Place Novice Extemporaneous
Anika Shah 3rd Place Novice Extemporaneous
Reagan Larimer 5th Place Novice Extemporaneous

National and State Qualifications
Students who have qualified to the Tournament of Champions in Kentucky include Emma Lin, Sahaj Singh, Sunny Daggubati, Mafaaz Tanzeem and Dru Patel.

Students who have qualified to Texas Forensic Association State Tournament in Austin include Priyanka Reddy, Sara Reddy, Anya Reddy, Alex Federick, Jackie Prokopeas, Sam Bonham, Austin Meek, Arjun Menon, Adhi Submramanian, Dru Patel, Sahaj Singh, Hafsa Zuberi, Sowmiya Baskar and Emma Lin.

Many more are closing in on their qualification!