Bellaire and Plano East Results

Congratulations, Dragons!

Bellaire Results

Sunny Daggubati: 1st place Finalist
Chris Dao: 4th place Finalist

Novice LD
Gautam Iyer: SemifinalistHannah Xu: Quarterfinalist

Foreign Extemp
*Sahaj Singh: 3rd place Finalist
*Sunny Daggubati: 4th Place Finalist
*~Dru Patel: 5th place Finalist

Novice Congress
Chris Dao: 1st place Finalist

Varsity Congress
Mafaaz Tanzeem: 2nd place Finalist
Sahaj Singh: 5th place Finalist
~Dru Patel: 8th place Finalist
~Sunny Daggubati: 9th place Finalist

Public Forum
Sam Bonham/Austin Meek: Octofinalists
Jackie Prokopeas/Alex Federick: Octofinalists

*received TOC bid
~qualified for TFA state

Congratulations to Sahaj, Sunny, and Dru for their TOC bids! Also, congratulations to Dru and Sunny for their state qualifications!

Plano East Results

Paakhi Srivastava: 6th place Finalist

Novice Extemp
Zac Quenshi: Semifinalist
William Ahner: Semifinalist
Adam Aamer: Semifinalist
Arian Goudar: Semifinalist

Priyanka Reddy: 8th place Finalist
Simoni Maniar: 14th place Finalist
Hafsa Zuberi: 15th place Finalist

Anya Reddy/Sara Reddy: 1st place Finalist
Thomas Bohohm/Ahmed Patel: 2nd place Finalist

Congratulations to Thomas for receiving a 3rd Place Top Speaker award in Policy Debate!

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