St. Marks (10/14-10/16)


Double Octos: Jonathan Chiang


2nd: Cameron Waltz

3rd: Hira Asim

4th: Sahaj Singh

6th: Myron Mageswaran

7th: Usman Alam

8th: Obinna Megwa


Semis: (Freshmen) Saaketh Chenegarri and Aamir Mohsin

Quarters: Savit Dhawan and Suyash Jain


Jasper 9/15-9/16

Excellent showing for Carroll at Jasper


1st : Sahaj Singh

9th: Usman Alam


Finals: Allana Miller and Sydney Rose


Winner: Paul Dougherty

Semis: Gautam Iyer

Quarters: Rishik Puppala


Grapevine Classic 9/8-9/9

Another strong weekend!!

Public Forum

Anya Reddy and Sara Reddy made it to semifinals with 3rd place finish overall and full bid.
Savit Dhawan and Suyash Jain made it to quarter finals with 6th place finish and full bid.
Anika Shah and Reagan Larimer octofinals, silver bid
Celeste de Valle and Ankith Kurapati double octofinals

Lincoln Douglas

Gautham Iyer and Samir Mohsin made it to double octofinals


Sahaj Singh second place overall with full bid
Cameron Waltz fourth place overall with full bid
Myron Mageswaran made it to semifinals

International Extemporaneous

Cameron Waltz sixth place in finals with full bid
Sahaj Singh made it to semifinals

Dragons start strong at Plano/Clark Swing 09/01-09/02

First tournament of the year – we had multiple Dragons finish up or close to the top:

Congress – Plano Senior

1st-Sahaj Singh

5th-Cameron Waltz

10th-Usman Alam

11th-Myron Mageswaran

Congress – Clark

3rd-Sahaj Singh

5th-Cameron Waltz

9th Myron Mageswaran

Debate Finals

Aman Patel, Clark LD

Debate Semi-Finals

Gautam Iyer, Clark LD

Sara and Anya Reddy, Clark PF

Savit Dhawan and Suyash Jain, Clark PF

Debate Quarter-Finals

Samir Mohsin, Clark LD

Sara and Anya Reddy, Plano PF

Sydney Rose and Alana Miller, Plano PF

Ankith Kurapati and Celeste Valle, Plano PF