2016-2017 Dragon Debate Banquet

Let’s celebrate another great year with friends & family at the
2016-2017 Dragon Debate Banquet!

Friday, May 19, 2017
6:00pm – 11:00pm
Marriott Solana
$40 per person, includes dinner

Ticket sales are now closed.


If you have questions, please contact Sue Harding at sfcharding@gmail.com. Thank you for your support!

Princeton and Grapevine Results

Dragons earned TOC bids at Grapevine and 2nd Place Sweeps at Princeton HS! Total team effort with split squad! Several on the verge of TFA State qualification!!


Princeton HS

Sydney Rose & Adhi Subramanian placed 1st closing out the tournament with Sara & Anya Reddy placing 2nd.
Cara Connelly (Tournament’s TOP SPEAKER) & Camille Bower advanced to the Quarterfinals
Savit Dhawan & Suyash Jain advanced to the Quarterfinals

Katie Newman Quarterfinals

Priyanka Reddy 1st Place
Hira Asim 3rd Place
Hafsa Zuberi 5th Place
Usman Alam 6th Place
Adam Aamer 8th Place
Chris Chedid 10th Place

Extemporaneous Speaking
Priyanka Reddy 1st Place FX
Anika Shah 4th Place FX
Adam Aamer 5th Place FX
Cameron Waltz 6th Place FX
Adhi Subramanian Semifinalist FX
Usman Alam Semifinalist FX

Azili Omar 7th Place DX
Ivanna Coty Semifinalist DX

Grapevine HS

Sam Bonham & Austin Meek Quarterfinals (earning a bid to the Tournament of Champions/1 of 2 necessary)
Jackie Prokopeas & Alex Federick Double-Octofinals
Alanna Miller & Reagan Larimer Double-Octofinals

Emma Lin 4th Place (earning a bid to the TOC, but Emma is automatically qualified based on last season)

Extemporaneous Speaking
Sunny Daggubati 3rd Place Domestic Extemporaneous


Off to a great start! Conrad and Plano Senior Results

Conrad High School Tournament, Dallas, TX
August 26-27, 2016

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Aman Patel and Samir Mohsin closed out LD finals, finishing 1st/2nd together.  Aman was the tournament’s TOP SPEAKER, while Samir was 3rd speaker overall.
Paul Doherty and Ty Ponzo advanced to the Quarterfinals.

Public Forum Debate
Teams of Sydney Rose and Adhi Subramanian, Savit Dhawan and Suyash Jain, and Anika Shah and Ivanna Coty all advanced to the Quarterfinals!

Congressional Debate
Dru Patel, Sahaj Singh and Hafsa Zuberi all were Finalists!

Extemporaneous Speaking
Sunny Daggubati finished 4th overall in Domestic Extemp
Dru Patel finished 4th overall in Foreign Extemp

As a team, the Dragons finished 3rd Place overall in Sweepstakes!

Plano Senior High Tournament
September 3, 2016

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Samir Mohsin: Quarterfinalist
Paul Doherty: Quarterfinalist

Public Forum Debate
Jackie Prokopeas & Alex Federick: 2nd Place
Savit Dhawan & Suyash Jain: Octofinalists
Austin Meek & Sam Bonham: Octofinalists
Arjun Menon & Adhi Subramanian: Octofinalists, and Adhi Subramanian was 2nd Place Speaker overall
Ivanna Coty & Anika Shah: Octofinalists

Congressional Debate
Emma Lin: 1st Place
Sahaj Singh: 9th Place

Sahaj Singh: 6th Place Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Usman Alam: Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Ankith Kurapati: Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Ty Ponzo: Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
Claire Samuel: Semifinalist in Original Oratory

Once again, Dragons were 3rd Place Team Sweepstakes!

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Dragon Debate Banquet

Students and families are invited to attend the 14th annual
Dragon Debate Awards Banquet


Friday, May 13th
Social hour at 6:00 PM :: Program and dinner at 7:00 PM
Trophy Club Country Club
Click here for directions

Bummer! Ticket sales are now closed. You can try sweet talking Shilpa Patel at
sspatel16@gmail.com, but no guarantees!  🙂
Thank you for your support!

Tickets now available for Comedy Night


“Definitely have comedy night every year!! Fun, cheap night!” –Facebook comment after last year’s show

paul-vargheseDon’t miss the 2nd annual Carroll Comedy Night, featuring Paul Varghese* from Last Comic Standing!

Friday, February 26, 2016
Seating starts at 7:00 ~ Show begins at 7:30
Carroll Senior High School Auditorium

*He’s kind of a big deal :: semi-finalist on “Last Comic Standing” :: named “Best Stand-Up Comic in Dallas” by the Dallas Observer :: won the 2009 “Funniest Comic in Texas” competition :: featured on Showtime’s “Russell Peter’s Presents”, Telemundo 2’s “Loco Comedy Jam”, Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” and “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution” :: opened for Dave Chappelle

Online ticket sales have closed, but tickets will be sold at the door for $6 for students and $10 for adults. If you already purchased online, your tickets will be available at the will call table.

Concessions and Dragon Plaid spirit wear will be available for purchase at the show. 

For more information or to learn about sponsorship opportunities, contact Beth Bonham at bethbonham@yahoo.com.

Capitol Congress, UT Austin, Creekview and Berkner Results


Dragon Speech & Debate participated in four tournaments in December!

Capitol Congressional Debate Tournament December 3rd
Sahaj Singh 3rd Place
Mafaaz Tanzeem 6th Place
Emma Lin Finalist
Sunny Daggubati Finalist
Priyanka Reddy Finalist
Dru Patel Finalist
*We were the only school to clear their entire team of 6 allowed entries to the final Super Congress Chamber!*

UT Austin Tournament December 4-5th
Dru Patel Semifinalist in Extemporaneous
Emma Lin 5th Place in Congress
Sahaj Singh 9th Place in Congress
Mafaaz Tanzeem 10th Place in Congress
Sunny Daggubati 11th Place in Congress
Chris Dao Semifinalist in Congress
Austin Meek Double-Octofinalist in PF
Sam Bonham Double-Octofinalist in PF
Jackie Prokopeas Quarterfinal in PF
Alex Federick Quarterfinals in PF *Alex was the 2nd overall speaker among over 200 students in PF!*

Creekview HS December 5th
Samir Mohsin Quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas
Hannah Xu Octofinalist in Lincoln-Douglas
Hafsa Zuberi Finalist in Congress
Hira Asim Finalist in Congress
Thomas Hobohm Quarterfinalist in CX
Aman Patel Quarterfinalist in CX
Ivanna Coty Octofinalist in PF
Anika Shah Octofinalist in PF
Savit Dhawan Octofinalist in PF
Drake Little Octofinalist in PF
Sandhya Shankar Semifinalist in Oratory
Hafsa Zuberi Semifinals in Extemporaneous
Suyash Jain Semifinals in Extemporaneous

Berkner HS December 11-12
Alex Federick 1st Place in Extemporaneous
Dru Patel 7th Place in Extemporaneous
Jonathan Chiang Octofinalist in Lincoln-Douglas *Jonathan was the Top Speaker overall in LD!*
Katie Newman Semifinalist in Novice LD
William Ahner 11th Place in Congress
Anika Shah Quarterfinalist in PF
Ivanna Coty Quarterfinalist in PF
Alanna Miller Quarterfinalist in PF
Reagan Larimer Quarterfinalist in PF
Savit Dhawan Octofinalist in PF *Savit was the Top Speaker overall in PF!*
Drake Little Octofinalist in PF
Anya Reddy Octofinalist in PF
Sara Reddy Octofinalist in PF
Paakhi Srivastava Semifinals in Oratory
Claire Samuel Semifinals in Poetry
Ivanna Coty 2nd Place Novice Extemporaneous
Anika Shah 3rd Place Novice Extemporaneous
Reagan Larimer 5th Place Novice Extemporaneous

National and State Qualifications
Students who have qualified to the Tournament of Champions in Kentucky include Emma Lin, Sahaj Singh, Sunny Daggubati, Mafaaz Tanzeem and Dru Patel.

Students who have qualified to Texas Forensic Association State Tournament in Austin include Priyanka Reddy, Sara Reddy, Anya Reddy, Alex Federick, Jackie Prokopeas, Sam Bonham, Austin Meek, Arjun Menon, Adhi Submramanian, Dru Patel, Sahaj Singh, Hafsa Zuberi, Sowmiya Baskar and Emma Lin.

Many more are closing in on their qualification!

Hockaday Results

Hockaday Results (November 13-14)

  • Thomas Hobohm and Aman Patel: Quaterfinalists in CX Debate
  • Llyod Gumireddy: Octofinalist in LD Debate, and Lloyd was 4th Place Speaker overall
  • Rishik Pupalla: Octofinalist in Novice LD Debate
  • Samir Mohsin: Quaterfinalist in Novice LD Debate
  • Dru Patel: 3rd Place Domestic Extemporaneous
  • Alex Federick: Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous
  • William Ahner: Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous
  • Mafaaz Tanzeem: 6th Place Foreign Extemporaneous
  • Adhi Subramanian: Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
  • Priyanka Reddy: Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
  • Sunny Daggubati: Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
  • Sunny Daggubati: 3rd Place Congressional Debate
  • Priyanka Reddy: Finalist in Congress Debate, and Priyanka qualified to TFA State in Congress
  • Dru Patel: Finalist in Congress Debate
  • Sahaj Singh: Semifinalist in Congress Debate
  • Evelyn Wang: Semifinalist in Poetry Interpretation
  • Paakhi Srivastava: Semifinalist in Original Oratory

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UNT, Florida Blue Key, UIL and Prosper Results

UNT Oct 30-31
Hafsa Zuberi 3rd Place
Sowmiya Baskar 4th Place
Chris Dao 5th Place
Hira Asim Finalist
William Ahner Finalist
Rhea Gogia Finalist
Hafsa Zuberi and Sowmiya Baskar both qualified to TFA State in Congressional Debate!

Novice Public Forum Debate
Ankith Kurapati and Camille Bower 1st Place Champions
Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Jonathan Chiang Semifinalist, Samir Mohsin Quarterfinalist
Original Oratory
Paakhi Srivastava 4th Place
Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
William Ahner Finalist
Usman Alam 3rd Place
Poetry and Prose
Ellie Maclean 6th Place in both Poetry and Prose Interpretation
Suyash Jain Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Hafsa Zuberi Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking
Livia George Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Florida Blue Key Oct 28-November 1
Alex Federick and Jackie Prokopeas were invited to and competed in the nationally recognized Round Robin for Public Forum Debate as one of only 12 teams invited from across the nation.

Sahaj Singh, Sunny Daggubati and Mafaaz Tanzeem each broke to the Semifinals in Congressional Debate and received their 1st of 2 necessary bids to the exclusive Tournament of Champions in Kentucky next Spring.

Alex Federick and Jackie Prokopeas broke to the Double-Octofinals in Public Forum Debate, while Sam Bonham and Austin Meek advanced to the Octofinals in PFD.

UIL Congressional Debate District November 4
Emma Lin 1st Place District Champion advanced to State in January.
Dru Patel 5th Place overall and alternate to State in January.

Prosper HS Nov 6-7
Anya & Sara Reddy CX Debate Semifinalists and Qualified to TFA State in Cross-Examination Debate!
Sydney Rose and James Stewart Quarterfinalists in CX Debate
Samir Mohsin Quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Chris Dao 8th Place in Congress Debate
Hira Asim 9th Place in Congress Debate
Alex Federick 4th Place in Domestic Extemporaneous
Dru Patel Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous
Usman Alam Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
Ankith Kurapati Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
Aman Patel Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
Suyash Jain Semifinalist in Foreign Extemporaneous
Paakhi Srivastava 6th Place in Orginal Oratory and Semifinalist in Prose Interpretation
Claire Samuel Semifinalist in Prose Interpretation

Congratulations, Dragons!

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Plano Senior and Naaman Forest Results

Congratulations, and good luck at Blue Key!

Plano West

Congress Debate
Emma Lin: 6th Place (TOC Bid)
Sunny Daggubati: 9th Place
Sahaj Singh: 12th Place

Extemporaneous Speaking
Mafaaz Tanzeem: 5th Place
Dru Patel: 6th Place
Austin Meek: Semifinals
Arjun Menon: Semifinals
Emma Lin: Semifinals
Sahaj Sing: Semifinals
Sunny Daggubati: Semifinals
Priyanka Reddy: Seminfinals

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
Usman Alam: 6th Place

Public Forum Debate
Austin Meek & Sam Bonham: Octofinals & Qualified to TFA State!

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Jonathan Chiang: Semifinals

Naaman Forest

Congress Debate
Hafsa Zuberia: 1st Place
Sowmiya Baskar: 2nd Place
Chris Dao: 4th Place
Hira Asim: Finalist
William Ahner: Finalist

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
William Ahner: Finalist
Ty Ponzo: Semifinalist

Novice Public Forum Debate
Ankith Kurapati & Camille Bower: 2nd Place

Poetry Interpretation
Claire Samuel: Semifinals

Extemporaneous Speaking
Livia George: Semifinals
Alisha Sircar: Semifinals

Original Oratory
Claire Samuel: Semifinals















See more pics on the SLC Dragon Debate Facebook group page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/274296596103797/.

Bellaire and Plano East Results

Congratulations, Dragons!

Bellaire Results

Sunny Daggubati: 1st place Finalist
Chris Dao: 4th place Finalist

Novice LD
Gautam Iyer: SemifinalistHannah Xu: Quarterfinalist

Foreign Extemp
*Sahaj Singh: 3rd place Finalist
*Sunny Daggubati: 4th Place Finalist
*~Dru Patel: 5th place Finalist

Novice Congress
Chris Dao: 1st place Finalist

Varsity Congress
Mafaaz Tanzeem: 2nd place Finalist
Sahaj Singh: 5th place Finalist
~Dru Patel: 8th place Finalist
~Sunny Daggubati: 9th place Finalist

Public Forum
Sam Bonham/Austin Meek: Octofinalists
Jackie Prokopeas/Alex Federick: Octofinalists

*received TOC bid
~qualified for TFA state

Congratulations to Sahaj, Sunny, and Dru for their TOC bids! Also, congratulations to Dru and Sunny for their state qualifications!

Plano East Results

Paakhi Srivastava: 6th place Finalist

Novice Extemp
Zac Quenshi: Semifinalist
William Ahner: Semifinalist
Adam Aamer: Semifinalist
Arian Goudar: Semifinalist

Priyanka Reddy: 8th place Finalist
Simoni Maniar: 14th place Finalist
Hafsa Zuberi: 15th place Finalist

Anya Reddy/Sara Reddy: 1st place Finalist
Thomas Bohohm/Ahmed Patel: 2nd place Finalist

Congratulations to Thomas for receiving a 3rd Place Top Speaker award in Policy Debate!

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